Zhang Zhong-Ren :

Zhang Zhong-ren specializes in the study of labor theory of value and financial
relationship  among  governments.  H e  got  mater  degree  in  economics  in  Northeast normal university in 1988 and then worked in the economic department of Northeast normal  university,  economic  and  management department of North university of technology and the journal of Chinese social science in the Chinese academy of social science in turn. In 1995 he went to Japan as a visiting scholar. In 1999 he got Ph.D and  then  in  2000  became  a  teacher  in university giving  lectures  about  theory  on industry structure, theory on East-Asian economy and that on local finance, etc. His books include: ““financial relationship among governments in modern China”” in 2001; “solution  to  the  century difficulty—-history  and  research  on  the  transformation problem of value transformed into the price of production”” .

2006 :

The transformation problem : Samuelson and Marx reach the same goal by different routes,

2006, World Association for Political Economy.

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